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Get 10% off with your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Get 10% off with your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨

The Retykle Closet

A new way to propel circularity at Retykle!

What is this?

Retykle has launched a new and innovative way to propel resale further with ‘The Retykle Closet’. This allows customers to resell their Retykle purchases in a quick and hassle-free way by saving their past purchases in a virtual closet, to sell later.

All items purchased for children have a natural obsolescence typically only in use for a few months before they are outgrown. The items in your virtual closet can be selected to add to your free home pick so that the items can be processed faster and are pre authenticated. Each purchase you make is ready for its next adventure at the click of a button powering a faster loop to the next family.


How It Works 

  • Simply purchase your items as you would normally on RETYKLE.SG
  • Once you make a purchase, your items are automatically added to your Retykle closet. 
  • Once your children outgrow their finds from Retykle, you can make a seller booking with us. 
  • Whilst booking, you will have a chance to sift through your past purchases with your Retykle closet and choose the ones you would like to resell! 

Your Benefits

  • Priority Line: Faster processing & Listing Times
  • Higher acceptance rate for your items
  • Simplified & organised view of your purchases and items for sale. 


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