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Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨

Our Story

Raising tykes can be expensive and hard on the environment. There is an unavoidable rotation of their wardrobes and the contents of their bedrooms as their sizes and needs change. As a result a significant amount of waste can be created. But what do we do with all these great quality items once they have been outgrown?

Retykle was founded by Sarah Garner as she wanted to create an efficient and effective way to recirculate children’s fashion, gear & toys, rewarding parents for making high quality purchase decisions and keeping those items in circulation and away from landfill. 

Sarah spent over 10 years working in luxury fashion in a range of management roles with companies such as LVMH, Richemont, Lane Crawford, and Selfridges Group. After her first child was born she witnessed firsthand how quickly everything he used became obsolete and was still in good enough condition to be used by another family.

Retykle was born to create a circular solution that extends the lifespan of children's products whilst positively impacting families, our communities and the environment. Since being founded in Hong Kong, Retykle has grown to become the leading kids resale platform in Asia.

Our mission is simple -  to make trading high quality pre-loved items as easy and convenient as buying new. 

We sell over 2500 of the world’s best children’s and maternity brands at a fraction of traditional prices - up to 90% off. For our sellers, we take the hassle out of resale. Our innovative platform allows parents to turn their kids' closets into cash without lifting a finger. Our incredible team also works closely with brands and charities to ensure no outgrown or past season kids items go to waste.

Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellent customer service has helped us build an incredible community that not only embrace a new way of shopping for their kids but one that has created a new habit for how they engage with their wardrobes and lifestyle habits.

Together we can make a difference to our children’s tomorrow. 


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