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Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨

Pass the Test of Sustainability with the Circular Schools Program

Secondhand Uniforms Online
At Retykle, we want to make secondhand school uniforms accessible for all parents. Our online portal for schools is easy to use and helps parents, students and schools have a lighter tread on the environment (and your wallet). If your school hasn’t adopted a secondhand uniform solution but would like to help them do their homework, fill in the form below. When we collect 50 signatures for your school, we will put your school on a priority launch list. Join us and help your community enable school uniform circularity!

p.s. Our uniforms program is only available in Hong Kong and Singapore currently, but we’re quickly expanding. Help us determine our next location by showing your interest :)


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