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Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨
Get 10% off your first order using code NEWRETYKLER ✨


We are on a mission to empower parents to conveniently reduce children’s fashion waste and positively impact the future for our little ones.

Having children can be a life-changing experience, but who knew it was world-changing as well?  

Children will speed through seven sizes of clothes in their first two years of life and it doesn’t stop there with the average child outgrowing over 1500+ articles of clothing before they are fully grown. There is an unavoidable rotation of clothing that occurs for every child and that doesn’t even take into account the amount of gear they will also work their way through. Majority of these items end up in landfill as parents struggle to keep up with their children’s ever-changing needs.
As the largest online resale platform for kids in Asia, we want to make life easier for parents, not only on their wallets but on their ability to make positive change to their community and the environment.

Sustainability isn’t about policies, it’s a way of life.

Sustainability is the thread that weaves our business together. Through our platform,  we are creating a longer lifespan for children’s products and want to ultimately create a fully circular solution that eliminates waste associated with kids all together.

Our Sustainability Practices:

Circular Business Model

We reward parents for purchasing high quality items and keeping them in circulation and out of landfill. By making resale as easy and convenient as possible, our community embraces the opportunity to find their outgrown items a new home. We also make buying secondhand as fun and as stylish as buying new, making it the most attractive option for parents when their kids are growing. In addition, we work closely with retailers and charities to ensure no outgrown or past season kids items go to waste.

No to Fast Fashion

We avoid fast fashion brands for resale on our platform. We want to encourage better purchasing habits and a change of mindset when it comes to purchasing children’s products. They may only be used for a short period of time but can congest our landfills for a lifetime. Fast fashion is one of the main causes of our overconsumption problem along with the environmental damage associated with cheap production and we want to help facilitate change.

Materials & Packaging

We have removed all single use plastic items from our processes and encourage employees to use reusable items where possible. We have adopted green purchasing policies to ensure our warehouse, office and studio is supplied with eco-friendly products. We are also working to further improve our packaging to make it more environmentally friendly and introduce initiatives that will keep any packaging we use in circulation for longer. Already the boxes we use for order shipments are made from either mixed or fully recycled paper and are FSC certified

Recycling & Waste

We have partnered up with V Cycle to provide collection and recycling services for our warehouse, office and studio. Our employees drive our responsible recycling habits and we adopt a reduce, reuse and recycle mindset in everything we do.

“Something as simple as getting dressed can become a family philosophy about how we consume” - Sarah Garner




Leading Change

At Retykle, we see it as our responsibility to help lead systematic change in our community and industry. We regularly engage with stakeholders across fashion, tech, ecommerce and environmental platforms about how we can all be the driving force for a more sustainable fashion future.
Our Founder, Sarah Garner, is regularly invited to talk about sustainable fashion and the circular economy at small and large events. Her work to raise awareness on fashion waste was recognised by Tatler GenT when she made it onto their influential under 40 list in 2020 as a game changer in sustainability. 


Our future is our children and we want to inspire the next generation of change makers. We regularly work with local schools to help support education on the environment and sustainability. We feel the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle, should become second nature to our children from an early age. 

Empowering our community

Our community cares about sustainability. In our latest survey environmental impact was the number one reason our customers bought and sold with us. We regularly engage with our community to educate and empower but to also learn about how we can do better and improve our environmental efforts.

Carbon Savings Calculator

We have developed a carbon savings calculator to help our customers understand how much they have reduced their carbon footprint by purchasing preloved fashion items on our platform versus buying brands new. This visualisation of their carbon savings allows our community to quantify their impact in simple terms so that they reflect positively on their actions and measure their individual and collective impact. 


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