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Retykle has circulated over 200,000 items of clothing, thanks to you! ♻️
Retykle has circulated over 200,000 items of clothing, thanks to you! ♻️
Closet Feature: Yvette King @iamyvetteking

Closet Feature: Yvette King @iamyvetteking

Closet Feature: Yvette King

We are excited to launch our first featured closet in Singapore and couldn’t be more thrilled that super mom fashionista, Yvette King, has shared with us her twin’s beautiful collection of preloved clothes. As part of her featured closet, Yvette has chosen to donate all her seller earnings to Love, Nils, a children’s cancer charity that is close to her heart. We caught up with Yvette to hear about life as a twin Mum, what inspires her style and how she encourages her little ones to think about the environment.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what it is like to be a mother to twins!

I’m Yvette, I’m a Korean-Australian journalist who, in recent years, added mum to my resume. One of many roles I’ve somehow landed without being aptly qualified for! Having twins as my first foray into parenthood was somewhat of a baptism of fire, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, I can’t even imagine it any other way.

My husband has twin brothers, so he’s well-versed with the unique twin dynamic and bond - at least it felt like one of us had a grasp on the concept. Our girls are best friends and it gives me great comfort that they will always have one another to hold each other’s hand through life’s challenging moments and celebratory ones. Watching them grow up together in tandem is such a joy. We are incredibly grateful.


What is your personal style philosophy and how do you shop for yourself?

I don’t know if I subscribe to a particular, rigid style philosophy. Instead, I really use fashion as a form of self expression. There’s a bit of a dichotomy in how I operate in this space too -  I do partake in trends from time to time if it suits me, but I also shop the classics in equal measure. I would say it’s best to invest in multi-wear items like handbags and shoes and have fun with the day-to-day outfits. From luxury to vintage, I really love fashion.


What are your favourite brands to dress your twins in?

When it comes to tiny humans, they grow so quickly. As their mother, I’m about style, but more importantly practicality. If a brand can incorporate both, I’m all for it. When the twins were babies we were given Petit Bateau which was adorable. Seed Heritage is a very accessible label for sweet, casual outfits, especially when you’re purchasing for two. For special occasions we are very partial to a Fendi Kids piece - the designs are often a bit playful and really well made.


How do you incorporate green habits into your daily lives and teach your kids about caring for the planet?

It all starts with education, awareness and leading by example. Recycling and striving to minimise your carbon footprint is important, as is being an active participant in the outdoors. We love to take the twins out to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Singapore Botanical Gardens, Tanjong Beach and Gardens by the Bay are some of our favourite local spots. We mainly consume plant-based products, purchase locally where we can and pass on outgrown, lightly used items. We strive to always do more and we hope to instil a sense of responsibility in the girls for taking care of the environment.


You have chosen to donate all your seller earnings to Love, Nils. Can you tell us more about the charity and why is it important to you?

"How one mother coped with the inconceivable: Childhood cancer" written by Yvette King from Vogue Singapore

I was extremely moved by the story of Lesli
Berggren, the founder of this children’s cancer non-profit. She was motivated to create Love, Nils and help other families deal with the burden and pain of childhood cancer after losing her own son Nils. Nils was a twin, and as a twin mother myself, this hit particularly close to home. I admire Lesli’s strength in using her grief to help others enduring a similar plight and want to help her continue her powerful work in any small way I can. For more information on Love, Nils and if you would like to donate, please visit


What does Retykle mean to you?

I’m all for hand-me-downs, sharing and recycling garments. Retykle supports a more sustainable way of consumption and being accountable when it comes to clothing wastage. Shop Yvette's Charity Closet here.


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