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Retykle has circulated over 200,000 items of clothing, thanks to you! ♻️
Retykle has circulated over 200,000 items of clothing, thanks to you! ♻️
Meet the Founder of Bochechas, Angela Li

Meet the Founder of Bochechas, Angela Li

Meet the Founder of Bochechas, Angela Li

We are thrilled to announce that bochechas has joined our Circular Collective program. You can now receive bochechas store credit on your preloved bochechas purchase when you list it with Retykle to sell. 


Bochechas creates sustainable, beautiful and functional designs that suit both kids and parents. Their clothes are tailored to be breezy and breathable for kids to run around in, and super comfy for parents to go about their busy days in the warm and humid weather of Singapore. All the clothes are made with luxurious fabrics from Liberty London, Spence Bryson Irish linen, or 100% organic cotton that is kind to the skin and the environment. 


For the launch of our new partnership, we caught up with bochechas Founder, Angela Li, on why she launched her own childrenswear brand, why sustainability is important and her favourite thing to do as a family in Singapore.

Hi Angela! Please tell us a bit more about yourself..

I am a mom of two daughters, a full time carbon trader by day and the head of bochechas by night. 


What inspired you to launch bochechas?

I have two daughters whom I love to dress but I found myself always reaching for the same clothes from their wardrobe. Our preference was for lighter, airier clothing without linings, and to my surprise, there weren’t many options. So I thought, why not start my own brand? 


I also realised that there aren’t many twinning choices in the market, either dads are left out of the picture, or all you can find is the matchy matchy mother daughter sets. I felt there was white space that we could fill as a family brand concept. 


Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

I spent my teenage years in Brazil, so I have always loved the vivid and vibrant prints from South America.  I wanted to incorporate these prints in the brand and give modern families a happy and bright option to twin with.


Can you tell us a bit more about how you incorporate sustainable practices into your brand?

I have been with the carbon industry for over a decade, so decarbonization has always been our focus. We selectively use recycled material, biodegradable bags and tapes (no plastic) for most of our packaging and use all our off production fabrics to create accessories so that there is no waste.


We are greatly aware that fashion is among the most polluted and waste heavy industries so we take note of the energy deployed during production which will directly and indirectly generate carbon emissions to our world. We also only work with premium and natural fabrics that are kind to our skin and the environment, and our clothes are designed to last. Our goal is to become carbon neutral in the next few years.


How do you teach your children about the importance of looking after our planet? 

We try not to purchase any bottled water and always carry our own reusable water bottles. We also circulate our first born’s outgrown clothes to our friend’s child and then back to our second born so that we extend the lifespan of the clothes we have purchased. 


Finally, what are your favourite things to do in Singapore as a family?

We love to go to the playgrounds in the parks in Singapore to enjoy quality family time.



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